Shhhh Secret 2019 launch...

Luxury Ibiza Soulshine Retreats

May - October 2019


Loveliest Soulshiner,

We are just so excited to be launching our 2019 summer of Luxury Ibiza Soulshine Retreats back at the much-loved Can Shui. As you already have a room on hold, you are the very first to hear all the dishy details for 2019. This is officially a very secret page for a very secret pre-launch!

2019 Retreat Experiences

For 2019, we're offering two distinct Ibiza Retreat Experiences:

  • Pure Soulshine Retreats - Our jam-packed Signature Wellness and Yoga experience taught & hosted by Rich or Soulla and our Soulshine Team of passionate experts

  • Shine Bright Programme - A deeply immersive Personal Development Programme lead by Soulla and a team of hand-picked Transformation, Yoga & Wellness experts

You now have until Friday 2 November to confirm your Room Hold and pay a €290 deposit to hold your spot before we launch to the rest of our waiting list and Soulshine Community. Exciting! Once your room hold is confirmed you'll then have the chance to nab one of our amazing Early Bird opportunities when bookings open for deposit payments on Friday 23 November.

Read on to find out about our Shine Bright Programme and Pure Soulshine Retreats and check out their separate pages for a deeper understanding of what to expect and to work out which is the perfect retreat for you. Any questions, we're here and so happy to help. 

And don’t forget, for 2019 we’re getting a new gorgeous Luxury Twin Suite with gorgeous sea-views. Simply divine!

I can't wait for you to hopefully join us in Ibiza next year. 

Much love, Soulla & Team Soulshine x

Utterly Fantastic 2019 Early-Bird Specials

Bookings open Friday 23 November 2018

The last three years our Early-Bird offers have all sold out in less than five minutes - simply amazing! We're so excited to offer these Early-Bird opportunities for 2019. Definitely not worth missing out on...

Utterly Fantastic 2019 Early-Bird Specials

  • First x1 Booking: x3 60-minute 1:1 Transformative Life-Coaching Sessions with Soulla. Our highest value Early Bird offer ever!

  • Next x2 Bookings: A treatment with either our highly skilled Energetic Healer OR Nutritional Therapist extraordinaire 

  • Next x3 Bookings: x1 60-minute 1:1 Life-Coaching Session with Soulla following your retreat

  • Next x5 Bookings: 60-minute pampertastic massage treatment 

  • Next x10 Bookings: 30-minute pampertastic massage treatment

2019 Ibiza Secret Launch  

Room Holds - How it works

  • On Tuesday 30 October Lauren is going to send you a personal email with your requested room hold(s) and the price for your room option plus details on the retreat running for your chosen week.

  • If you happy with all the information that Lauren has sent, there will be a booking link in the email to simply pay your €290 deposit. Once your deposit is paid, your room will be officially on hold. Hurray!

  • Please check the retreat information on these pages for your room hold date/room option to make sure it's still the experience that you wish to join. Lauren is on hand and so happy to answer any questions that you may have.

  • If you can no longer join on the date of your room-hold or would like to change retreat programmes, Lauren will guide you through the process to switch dates (if available due to other existing room-holds). Please bear with us as we will be juggling many room holds!

  • On Thursday 22 November, if you have a confirmed room hold, you will receive a SUPER Early Bird Bookings link which will go live the next day.

  • At 11am (UK) on Friday 23 November, the SUPER Early-Bird bookings link will go live. Time to complete a short form and hopefully nab an amazing Early-Bird opportunity. Woohoo!

Remember, we need your Room Hold confirmation and deposit paid by Friday 2 November before we launch to the remainder of our waiting list. We'd so hate for you to miss out. 

Luxury Ibiza Soulshine Retreats 2019

May-October 2019

With just 9 retreats for 2019 and a waiting list already in place, there is very limited availability on all dates

Pure Soulshine vs. Shine Bright Programme – What’s the Difference?

Pure Soulshine Retreats

Our Signature Soulshine experience, Pure Soulshine offers a truly transformative immersion into holistic living and an experience that extends way beyond just Yoga & Meditation into a space of all round healthy and joyful living. Expect heaps of Yoga PLUS workshops including Nutrition, Ayurveda, Mindfulness Meditation and a healthy cooking class. Our intention is to truly empower our guests to make positive changes in their life, both on and off the mat. Our Pure Soulshine Retreats are taught and lead by our amazing Soulshine Team with a different lead teacher on each week. Please note, the Pure Soulshine Retreats are lead by our much-loved Soulshine Manager Rich with an extensive wellness team. Soulla will not always be on these retreats. Check out Lead Teachers for each weeks. Find out more about 2019 Pure Soulshine Retreats

Shine Bright Programme

Led by Soulshine Founder Soulla and a team of hand-picked Wellness and Movement Experts, the focus of the Shine Bright Programme is transformation, clarity and healing. Rather than a Yoga Retreat, this is a Transformative Programme, carefully designed to facilitate self-awareness, growth and healing. Expect a carefully considered programme that weaves Movement, Life-Coaching, Mindfulness, Compassion-Based Practices, Psycho-Therapeutic approaches and much more. This programme has been carefully created to facilitate a space of reconnection, clarity and healing, held with complete safety and love by the Soulshine Team.

The Shine Bright Programme is perfect for those ready to take brave steps into healing, letting go of old patterns, finding emotional and physical balance in their lives, embracing challenges of Self-Acceptance or moving courageously into the unknown when at a crossroads in life - all within an incredibly supportive, loving and non-judgemental environment. Find out more about our 2019 Shine Bright Programme.

Watch now for a taster of our Soulshine Retreats Experience...

Is your spirit a little frazzled? Soul a little dull? Body a little care-worn and uneasy? Are you all out of sparkle? If so, I cannot recommend Soulshine highly enough. A beautiful setting to nurture yourself whole again. A wonderful team of people to take the utmost care of you. Yoga teachers who will help you to bring body & soul back together again in glorious harmony. Some of the most specialist therapists I’ve ever met offering a delicious range of treatments. Without a doubt the best holiday I’ve been on in a hell of a longtime. I’m still so shiny you can see me from space. Go. Go on go on go on go on go on. You’ll never look back.
— Christina
Before I came out to Soulshine, I was looking for somewhere to relax, improve my yoga practise and to be somewhere beautiful. What I got was the feeling that I had been reborn! I gained more emotionally and mentally than I could ever have suspected. Rich and Soulla and the whole team created a space of happiness, harmony and care, where everything was designed to let you work through and find whatever it was you personally needed.
— Charlotte

Beginners Very Welcome

You are so welcome and we really encourage Beginners to join. We provide different levels and options in each class to keep everyone gently challenged and constantly learning. It’s a fantastic way to build a strong foundation if you are new to the practices of Yoga.

Extraordinarily Jam-Packed Experiences

From the moment you connect with us until after your retreat and beyond, you can expect to receive so much loving attention. From our years of experience running retreats, we are very proud to offer truly jam-packed retreat experiences with the aim of making your time with us as relaxing, transformative and stress-free as possible. 

Maximum personal attention

All our retreats are limited to a small number of guests with an expert team making sure you don't have to lift a finger and ensuring maximum personal attention both on and off the mat.

Some rather lovely testimonials from amazing Soulshiners...

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