Soulshine Retreat's Vision

The perfect opportunity to explore, develop and deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice whilst gaining a greater understanding of Holistic healing. 

All within exceptional, inspiring and fabulously fun environments around the world. 

Much more than simply a ‘yoga holiday’, the entire ethos and dream for Soulshine Retreats and all that it encompasses, is to provide healing, empowering and utterly digestible life-changing skills and experiences that allow individuals to embrace positive transformation and live to their greatest, healthiest and most joyful potential. 

Reviewed and Recommend by...

One of the most relaxing and utterly invigorating experiences of my entire life.
— Karen
I’ve loved every delicious minute! I’ve been comforted, inspired, nourished and pampered. Everything was simply restorative and pleasurable. Rachel made yoga accessible for a complete beginner with support and care.
— Steff
For me the retreat is truly perfect in every way! It’s now part of my life and I’m absolutely coming twice a year, I adore coming here!
— Gaynor
The whole experience has been so special, loving and fun for the mid, body and soul. Breathing and thinking positively in this glorious open space. I have been so cared for by wonderous goddesses. It has opened up a more spiritual mind and has enhanced the colour in my life.
— Hannah
I had no idea what to expect - but I ended up being thrilled. Each day built up strength of body and awareness of Self, that led to a great outcome before leaving. The kindness shown, the sensitivity, the care of Soulla...combined to make a trusting and changing week I am so glad that I did this. Soulla is truly a great person to be around.
— Helen Lederer, Actress, Writer & Comedian

The Soulshine Retreats Team 

Here are Soulshine HQ, our goal is to utterly pamper and care for you before, during (& hopefully after!) your Soulshine Retreat, so that you don’t need to think about a thing other than relaxing and enjoying yourself. Prior to your retreat the Soulshine Bookings Team will look after your booking, ensuring that all the logistics and travel run smoothly and that you know exactly what to pack, where to be and when!

Soulla Demetriou

Founder of Soulshine Retreats

Yogini, dream-chaser, explorer, meditator, eternal student, ocean-lover and founder of Soulshine Retreats, Soulla’s goal is to inspire people to embrace their full potential and find the happiness and freedom that exists within us all - to shine bright! 


Head of Soulshine Logistics & Bookings and organiser extraordinaire

Lauren is available to answer any questions you have. We believe your holiday and Soulshine experience starts the moment you send a message to us, therefore, we have the amazing, incredible and lovely Lauren on hand. 

Richard Woodall

Soulshine Manager, Host and Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire

A yogi, a writer, a thinker, a t-total drinker; a seeker of calm, of peace. A lover of stillness and breath, of the ocean and nature. Richard loves seeing people where ever they are in their spiritual journey, embracing the dance. Inspiration for Rich comes when people find the moment they can tune into their super bright, true core awesomeness – even if it’s just for a moment. He’ll be leading the retreats in the Alps and be part of the Ibiza team.

The Retreat Team

During your Soulshine Retreat you will be cared for by fantastic hosts, amazing private chefs, transfer ‘chauffeurs’ and daily house-keeping. Not to mention the incredibly talented and mighty lovely Wellness Team, comprised of hand-picked expert Yoga teachers, Meditation guides, body-soothing massage therapists and much more - all with one intention, to spoil you rotten!