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Built on many years of expertise, our Personal Development, Yoga & Meditation Retreats offer life transformation, healing and deep soul-soothing relaxation - all in utterly luxurious surroundings. A truly holistic wellness experience to nourish the body, mind and soul. 

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Luxury Ibiza Soulshine Retreats 2019

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Before I came out to Soulshine, I was looking for somewhere to relax, improve my yoga practise and to be somewhere beautiful. What I got was the feeling that I had been reborn! I gained more emotionally and mentally than I could ever have suspected. Rich and Soulla and the whole team created a space of happiness, harmony and care, where everything was designed to let you work through and find whatever it was you personally needed.
— Charlotte
Is your spirit a little frazzled? Soul a little dull? Body a little care-worn and uneasy? Are you all out of sparkle? If so, I cannot recommend Soulshine highly enough. A beautiful setting to nurture yourself whole again. A wonderful team of people to take the utmost care of you. Yoga teachers who will help you to bring body & soul back together again in glorious harmony. Some of the most specialist therapists I’ve ever met offering a delicious range of treatments. Without a doubt the best holiday I’ve been on in a hell of a longtime. I’m still so shiny you can see me from space. Go. Go on go on go on go on go on. You’ll never look back.
— Christina