On your Shine Bright Retreat you have the choice of a life-coaching session or a nutritional consultation. 

Please choose from the options below... 

There will be a short series of questions to answer to prepare your personalised session. 


About Lydia and Life-Coaching

Are you ready to listen to that voice that says there’s more to who you are and the life you live – to finally get clear on exactly what will make you happy and the steps you need to take to get there?

Join Lydia Kimmerling, a life coach and motivational speaker for a 60-minute private session and take the first steps towards gaining greater clarity on how to live the life your deserve.

Her Six Step Life Cleanse guides you to more of what makes you happy by uncovering hidden blocks that hold us back from living a life of more fun, freedom and fulfilment.

Her goal is to support you, so that you can revitalise, renergise and reset your life, ready for a new exciting chapter.


About Anna & Nutritional Consultations

During your consultation with Anna, you will discuss in confidence the health issues you wish to address, your family and medical history, your diet and any other aspects of your lifestyle that may be impacting on your health.

Having taken a detailed case history, Anna will identify underlying contributing factors and clearly explain how these may be impacting on your health. Together you will negotiate a practical and achievable nutritional programme for you to follow. This will include a dietary plan, supplements (where necessary) and lifestyle changes to start to correct any underlying nutritional imbalances.

Ultimately, Anna’s aim is to give your body the raw materials it needs to support the body’s innate ability to regulate and heal itself so that you shine bright from the inside out!