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Daily Meditation Practice Recordings…

I’ve (very roughly) recorded two short guided Meditation practices to help you have a play at a daily Meditation practice. Remember a daily practice doesn’t have to be 20 minutes. 2 minutes is just fine to begin. Anything is in fact great!

The practices are Mindfulness focussed, using the breath to anchor you back into the moment whilst becoming aware and NOTICING when your thoughts wander. Remember, Mindfulness is about NOTICING what is here in any moment and learning how to BE with it. Our mind is naturally set up to wander into the past and rush into the future. But the only thing that is real, is actually what is here in this moment. And so we use the breath to help us return again and again to what is going on in the moment.

You might want to start with the longer recording (about 10 minutes) first just to get a sense of the practice. Then there is a shorter 5-minute one for when you feel more familiar with the practice and for daily use (until you can practice alone). Ideally in the morning (can be done sitting in bed) but if not, any time will do. Before bed might be an option. Actually ANY time of the day works. And if you miss a day, no problem. Every day, actually every MOMENT is a fresh start. Here goes…

The Practice

  • Find your meditation seat – grounded and connected to a sense of foundation. You can also be seated on a chair with the feet planted, hands on thighs and spine long

  • Set your timer (I use Insight Time: which has a lovely gong on it, but phone alarms work too)

  • Take 5 deep breaths to begin – use the time to scan the emotional / physical body. To check in and see what is here today, in this moment

  • Cross hands over the heart and just for a moment bring to mind an intention for your practice. What is it that brings you as a student to this practice of Meditation. Is it for calm. For peace. For anxiety. For stress. To create a pause just for you. Perhaps just out of curiosity. Take a moment to become aware of this intention and acknowledge it

  • Now, focus on the breath and allow complete concentration on the inhale and exhale

  • Count with the breath from 1 to 10

  • I am inhaling 1

  • I am exhaling 1

  • And so on...

  • As you inhale, see the image of the number 1 in your mind and then as you exhale see the number 1 disappear

  • As you allow yourself to focus on the counting, also focus on the breath completely

  • When the mind wanders don’t fight it, just notice and acknowledge with the word ‘thinking, thinking’ and return to number 1

  • We’re not looking for silence – we’re working to bring ourselves again and again back to the present moment (the BREATH) and to notice when the mind wanders. Yep - that's WHEN not IF. If you're a human being it will wander

  • If you reach 10, simply return to 1 and begin again. It’s really not about getting to 10 - the counting is just an anchor to help us stay in the present.

  • When your gong ends the practice, bring the hands to the heart in prayer. You might want to close with a moment of remembering gratitude. Bringing into mind anything for which you feel grateful in that moment. 

    That’s it - 5 short minutes building your own inner sanctuary. I’d so love to know how you get on & any questions that you may have. Let’s chat on our Soulshiners Facebook Group.

    Big love

    Soulla x