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The Soulshine Holistic Wellness Team

Having been on a long journey of healing, learning and transformation herself, the founder of Soulshine Retreats Soulla, has a keen eye for exceptional healing talent. And ‘exceptional’ is what you can expect during your Soulshine Retreat. We’ve brought together a Soulshine Wellness Team comprised of passionate, skilled, highly qualified and incredibly authentic and caring Soulshine Yoga Teachers, Hosts and Wellness Experts – all sharing the intention of providing the most nurturing, healing, empowering and transformative bespoke Soulshine Retreat experience to each and every guest.

Our on-site Wellness Team is comprised of senior Yoga & Meditation Teachers, Mindfulness guides, Nutritionists, Ayurvedic experts, Life-Coaches, Sound-Healers and we also have an extensive Soulshine network of healers on the island, each tried and tested to ensure the quality stamp of Soulshine approval and offering a vast array of healing modalities, from Shamanism to Tarot card reading, Thai Massage to Acupuncture, Osteopathy to Reflexology and much more. Whatever it is that you are looking to explore, we will be happy to help make it happen.

I feel privileged to have been able to come on this retreat. My yoga has progressed enormously due to the staff to guest ratio. The best thing has been the lovely, warm staff who could not do enough for us - a very special experience.
— Fiona


The Yoga

Suitable for all levels

Your morning practice to greet the day will incorporate Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to awaken the body, mind and spirit. The evening practice will focus on incorporating healing Yin and Restorative poses and sessions of deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra guided meditation. Classes take place in the cool shade of a forest or within the stunning space of our villa – both offering magical views out to sea – it is truly a special space to practice.

Each week there will be a different Senior Soulshine Yoga & Meditation teacher to take you on a deep journey through your morning Yoga session. They will be providing a safe space to nurture the body, mind and spirit of each guest. Their work will be supported by a whole host of yoga teachers throughout the day providing additional classes, workshops and clinics.

Your retreat will be small, with numbers limited so that our Soulshine Wellness Team can give each and every one of you plenty of personal attention and help to develop your practice on an individual level – whatever your goals and needs may be.

Your Yoga Teacher

In order to provide a truly holistic experience on your healing and restorative Soulshine journey there will be one lead Yoga teacher each week, guiding you through your morning session of Yoga and Meditation and working in conjunction with the extensive Soulshine Holistic Wellness Team to provide a truly holistic experience. Read on to find out more about each of the lead Soulshine teacher. 

Thank you so much for your amazing care and attention to mind, body and soul. A wonderful, holistic, balancing experience which I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family.
— Emma


Soulshine Yoga Teachers

Soulla Demetriou

Yogini, dream-chaser, explorer, meditator, eternal student, ocean-lover and founder of Soulshine Retreats, Soulla’s goal is to inspire people to embrace their full potential and find the happiness and freedom that exists within us all - to shine bright! She’ll be leading Dive Deep Retreats, teaching Yin Yoga, Meditation and leading Soul-Soothing Workshops at Can Shui this summer.

Soulla, I’d like to say Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you have released in me in this Ibiza yoga retreat. I haven’t had time or taken the time to look into myself and reconnect with my spirit for some time. I came to the retreat with an open mind and what I have taken away – thanks to you – is beyond my expectations
— Tanya
  • Find out more about Soulla

    About Soulla

    Since discovering yoga on a South American adventure, Soulla has been fascinated by the powerful physiological, psychological and spiritual effects a Yoga and Meditation practice can offer. It was the incredible impact that these practices had on her own life that lead her to give up a successful career in marketing and surrender fully to a beautiful journey of learning and self-discovery. This journey has taken her around the world on many a wild adventure, during which time she has clocked up over 800-hours in Yoga Teacher Trainings encompassing Mindfulness, Yin Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Anxiety, Depression and Mood Management.

    As someone who suffered from Anxiety in her twenties and went through the very bumpy terrain of a major life overhaul in her early-thirties, Soulla has journeyed deeply, and often through the 'shadow side' to explore, experience and discover practices that support us in our pursuit of happiness. It was through her own journey, the highs and the lows, that the desire for Soulshine Retreats and all that it encompasses was born. She is an ardent believer in cultivating a compassionate approach for taking our happiness and our destiny into our own hands in order to live life fully and joyfully and believes that we all hold the innate potential for healing.

    Soulla holds a deep desire to share the skills that she has learnt on her journey in an utterly digestible way to hopefully help others in their pursuit of peace, fulfilment, joy and happiness. She hopes to provide the skills through her work and that of her dedicated and passionate Soulshine Team to bring positive transformation in the world so that each and every one of us can embrace our full potential and find the happiness and freedom that exists within us all. Quite simply, to shine bright!

    What to expect

    With over 800-hours of training, Soulla offers both dynamic and flowing Yang yoga and healing and restorative Yin yoga. Her classes fuse breathwork, meditation, dancing, poetry, intention setting, music, and lots of giggles. Her dynamic Yang flow classes bring together sequences of postures in a powerful practice, developing strength, flexibility and awareness, as well as detoxifying the system. Yin and Restorative classes focus on providing a pause in life to create a deeply healing and relaxing space.

    Her inspiration

    Sarah and Ty Powers of the Insight Institute, Pema Chödrön, Tara Judelle, Leila Sadeghee, Katy Appleton, Bridget Woods Kramer, Judith Lasater, Amy Weintraub of Lifeforce Yoga, Jivamukti, Claire Missingham and all things Anusara.

  • Soulla's Dates

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    Thursday 11th to Wednesday 17th May Dive Deep Retreat with Soulla Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th June Dive Deep Retreat with Soulla Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 15th to Wednesday 21st June Dive Deep Retreat with Soulla Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 14th to Wednesday 20th September Dive Deep Retreat with Soulla Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 5th to Wednesday 11th October Dive Deep Retreat with Soulla Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 19th to Wednesday 25th October Dive Deep Retreat with Soulla Room Options & Prices
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Rachel Spain

Yoga warrior, professional dancer, Pilates expert and long-time devotee of the magic of Yoga, Rachel holds the powerful intention to make the world a better place, one OM at a time. 

I’ve loved every delicious minute! I’ve been comforted, inspired, nourished and pampered. Everything was simply restorative and pleasurable. Rachel made yoga accessible for a complete beginner with support and care.
— Stef
  • Find out more about Rachel

    About Rachel

    Rachel's journey to yoga started when her Nana took her to a dancing school aged just 8 years old - she was instantly hooked. Dancing provided Rachel with the similar feeling to Yoga - when you dance you are completely in the moment and nothing else matters. When attending a Yoga workshop during her time as a professional dancer Rachel became instantly entranced by the Yoga magic and the immense feeling of lightness that she experienced when practicing. With the realisation that Yoga was much more than just stretching and strengthening the body, she carried this curiosity on to a teacher training with Claire Missingham.

    The training changed her life on a profound level, sending her on an inward journey to seek her highest potential in order to help others and try to make the world a better place in whatever small way that she could. She started to see the world in a more open and flexible way, learning to handle and embrace the ebb and flow of life. With the understanding that Yoga and all that it encompasses is a lifelong journey and a lifelong practice, she aims to cultivate grace and gratitude in every moment.

    What to expect

    Rachel's classes are fluid, flowing, challenging and with strong intention. As a trained Pilates teacher she provides clear, precise, safe and alignment focussed classes. Synchronising movement with breath, expect to be guided through a dance of asana (yoga pose) sequences to stretch and strengthen both the body and mind, releasing physical and mental tension held from any stress and worry. Her aim is to teach each individual to find their own inner teacher, to avoid rising to the ego and forcing or straining beyond our current limits and to develop a compassionate approach to our needs, both on and off the mat. By cultivating acceptance, an understanding that change is constant and the ability to go with the flow, she hopes to help each student on their journey to Santosha - a place of joy, peace and contentment.

    Her inspiration

    Claire Missingham, Stewart Gilchrist, JIvamukti and Annie Carpenter

  • Rachel's Dates

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    Thursday 4th to Wednesday 10th May Pure Ibiza Soulshine Retreat with Rachel Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 18th to Wednesday 24th May Pure Ibiza Soulshine Retreat with Rachel Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 25th to Wednesday 31st May Pure Ibiza Soulshine Retreat with Rachel Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 7th to Wednesday 13th September Pure Ibiza Soulshine Retreat with Rachel Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 28th September to Wednesday 4th October Pure Ibiza Soulshine Retreat with Rachel Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 12th to Wednesday 18th October Pure Ibiza Soulshine Retreat with Rachel Room Options & Prices
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    Thursday 26th October to Wednesday 1st November Pure Ibiza Soulshine Retreat with Rachel Room Options & Prices
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Anna McColl

Passionate Yogini, lover of salty sea hair and wandering soul with a thirst for travel and adventure. Anna’s deep love and respect for the incredible people she has met chasing yoga classes and perfect paradise islands finally lead Anna to the magical island of Ibiza. And we’re so just grateful! 

The whole experience has been so special, loving and fun for the mid, body and soul. Breathing and thinking positively in this glorious open space. I have been so cared for by wonderous goddesses. It has opened up a more spiritual mind and has enhanced the colour in my life.
— Hannah
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    About Anna

    Originally from London, Anna has been on a journey both through her practice and across the world. Her aim through Yoga is to help students to shift their perception of the world and beliefs around our their abilities. Her intention is to enable students to find a freedom and openness to the changes and challenges of life and encourage them to reconnect to our innate human creativity and true selves. All this in addition to building a stronger, more flexible and balanced connection to the physical body and finding more clarity and peace of mind.

    With continuous study and exploration of various yoga styles and the completion of over 500 hours of training, Anna has taught mainly in London, Ibiza and India over the last 5 years

    What to expect

    Clear, compassionate and utterly personable, Anna primarily teaches an accessible, slow but strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice, guiding students to find natural alignment in poses. Using breath led creative movement she encourages students to feel a deeper connection to the strength, flexibility, balance and ease in their own bodies to help them feel more productive and present.

    Her inspiration

    Mollie Morris, Naomi Absalom, Shiva Rea


Soulshine Wellness Team

Richard Woodall - Soulshine Manager, Host and Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire

A yogi, a writer, a thinker, a t-total drinker; a seeker of calm, of peace. A lover of stillness and breath, of the ocean and nature. Richard loves seeing people where ever they are in their spiritual journey, embracing the dance. Inspiration for Rich comes when people find the moment they can tune into their super bright, true core awesomeness – even if it’s just for a moment. He’ll be leading the retreats in the Alps and be part of the Ibiza team.

Anna King - Nutritional Therapist

Anna has always had a passion for good food, but it was only after experiencing the powerful health benefits of nutritional therapy herself that she decided to embark on a three year journey to train as a nutritional therapist. Her extensive training was completed at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), a leading establishment in the field of nutrition education and was a life-changing experience. She also has an honours degree in Psychology, enabling her to bring insight, authenticity and compassion to her Nutritional wisdom.

She is an exceptional teacher, sharing complex information in an utterly digestible and accessible way to empower positive change. She’s also the loveliest lady who will quite simply brighten up your day. 

Ross Stephenson - Mindfulness Expert & Acupuncturist

Utterly charming and ‘restless-mind’ calming, Ross is our Soulshine Mindfulness Expert and Acupuncturist. He’ll be offering Mindfulness Meditation sessions during your Soulshine Retreat and providing you with the tools to continue integrating these practices into your world beyond your time in Ibiza.  

With over 15 years of experience of practice, Ross has studied Buddhist Meditation practices around the world. A trainedd MBSR teacher he is committed to sharing the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation and does so in a way that feels incredible accessible. He has a knack for de-mystifying these ancient techniques and delivering them in such a way that empowers students to truly integrate the changes and deeply transformative practices into their lives. 


Soulshine Retreats’ Vision & Extended Team...

Soulshine Retreats provide the perfect opportunity to explore, develop and deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice whilst gaining a greater understanding of Holistic healing, all within exceptional, inspiring and fabulously fun environments around the world. Much more than simply a ‘yoga holiday’, the entire ethos and dream for Soulshine Retreats and all that it encompasses, is to provide healing, empowering and utterly digestible life-changing skills and experiences that allow individuals to embrace positive transformation and live to their greatest, healthiest and most joyful potential. All Soulshine Retreats are an ongoing expression of this desire to take people on this journey. A journey back to all the vibrant brilliance that exists in every moment, within each and every one of us (we promise - it does!). To shine bright!


Watch our client testimonials 

Lovely Soulla and her brilliant Soulshine team go the extra mile every day to give guests a truly relaxing, positive and transformational retreat experience. I’ve come home on cloud 9, with mind, body and soul nourished and energised and feeling the best I’ve felt for months thanks to Soulshine. Special thanks to Soulla for your heart and soul. Love and hugs xxx
— Sonya