2019 luxury Ibiza soulshine retreats

May-October 2019

Built on many years of experience, our six-night Luxury Personal Development, Yoga & Meditation Retreats offer life transformation, healing and deep soul-soothing relaxation - all in utterly luxurious surroundings. A truly holistic wellness experience to nourish the body, mind and soul. 

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Can Shui - Our Soulshine Home

Exceptional Luxury Experiences

Our stunning Feng Shui Soulshine home Can Shui is so more than a venue.  It is your luxury home for the week, built upon a powerful intention to create utterly exceptional experiences and share love. It provides the perfect backdrop to reconnect to yourself as your embark on your retreat journey.

Set on a cliff, directly overlooking the most mesmerising view of the landscape falling into the sea - it feels like it could be the edge of the world.  With its location in the  north of the Island, it allows guests to be entranced by the Ibizan sunset every day.  Next to the grounds there is a rustic cliff path leading to a small secret beach. 

The thought and passion that has gone into creating every aspect of the Can Shui experience will take your breath away (guests often tell us that it does!). For a retreat venue you simply couldn't ask for more. 

Our 2019 Ibiza Soulshine Experiences

The vision for Soulshine and all that it encompasses is to support people towards achieving their optimum in emotional, physical and spiritual health so that they can live their life to its full potential. Our Ibiza Retreat Programmes are a reflection of this vision to support individuals to shine their brightest!

Pure Soulshine Retreats - Our jam-packed Signature Wellness and Yoga experience

Our original Soulshine Retreat package, Pure Soulshine offers a truly transformative immersion into holistic living with heaps of Yoga PLUS workshops including Nutrition, Ayurveda, Mindfulness Meditation and a healthy cooking class. Your experience extends way beyond just Yoga & Meditation into a space of all round transformative and healthy living. Our intention is to truly empower our guests to make positive changes in their life on and off the mat. Find out more

Shine Bright Programme - A deeply immersive Personal Development Programme

Led by Soulshine Founder Soulla, the focus of the Shine Bright Programme is transformation, clarity and healing. Rather than a Retreat, this is a transformative Programme, carefully designed to facilitate awareness, growth and healing. Soulla will weave Life-Coaching and Compassion-based Mindfulness into the space of the Yoga practice alongside daily Self-Enquiry Workshops and an abundance of empowering tools, facilitating a deeply personal and powerful journey. Find out more

Is your spirit a little frazzled? Soul a little dull? Body a little care-worn and uneasy? Are you all out of sparkle? If so, I cannot recommend Soulshine highly enough. A beautiful setting to nurture yourself whole again. A wonderful team of people to take the utmost care of you. Yoga teachers who will help you to bring body & soul back together again in glorious harmony. Some of the most specialist therapists I’ve ever met offering a delicious range of treatments. Without a doubt the best holiday I’ve been on in a hell of a longtime. I’m still so shiny you can see me from space. Go. Go on go on go on go on go on. You’ll never look back.
— Christina

Luxury Ibiza Soulshine Retreats 2019

May-October 2019

With just 9 retreats for 2019 and a many returning Soulshiners already booked, there is limited availability on all dates

Watch now for a taster of our Luxury Soulshine Retreat Experience...

Before I came out to Soulshine, I was looking for somewhere to relax, improve my yoga practise and to be somewhere beautiful. What I got was the feeling that I had been reborn! I gained more emotionally and mentally than I could ever have suspected. Rich and Soulla and the whole team created a space of happiness, harmony and care, where everything was designed to let you work through and find whatever it was you personally needed.
— Charlotte

Beginners Very Welcome

You are so welcome and we really encourage Beginners to join. We provide different levels and options in each class to keep everyone gently challenged and constantly learning. It’s a fantastic way to build a strong foundation if you are new to the practices of Yoga.

Extraordinarily Jam-Packed Experiences

From the moment you connect with us until after your retreat and beyond, you can expect to receive so much loving attention. From our years of experience running retreats, we are very proud to offer truly jam-packed retreat experiences with the aim of making your time with us as relaxing, transformative and stress-free as possible. 

Maximum personal attention

All our retreats are limited to a small number of guests with an expert team making sure you don't have to lift a finger and ensuring maximum personal attention both on and off the mat.